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CHS Hotel School is, in a way, timeless – an educational institute with modern flair. Over decades, we still cherish legacy disciplines, traditions, and values on which the hospitality industry stands today.

Our team of highly qualified lecturers will challenge and inspire you to excel. In addition, our small, interactive classes with individual focus allow for better learning, enhancing your propensity towards success.

CHS is the first Hotel School in South Africa to fully implement Blended Learning since 2017. This includes a blend of classroom, online, and practical tuition. The balance of 70% practical and 30% theory has been fine-tuned to shape our learners into highly sought-after artisans.

As a training professional, you will be exposed to a wide variety of handpicked training partners. We place, roster, and rotate each student and evaluate off-campus practical training regularly.

Due to these benefits, a significantly high percentage of our students find employment opportunities at reputable national and international establishments.

CHS has a highly competitive, inclusive pricing structure; value for money without compromising quality.

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Client Testimonials

CHS was the start of my future. Studying and working alongside diligent and brilliant people gave me the courage and knowledge to succeed in my career today. I was taught very valuable life lessons and made many mistakes, but it was truly the best learning experience. I had many highlights during my two years of studying and found my true passion; I want to pursue my dream of becoming a Sommelier. What impacted me the most was the WSET wine course that I did and the extensive knowledge I gained from working on the Blue Train. I will forever be grateful for all the opportunities I was given at CHS. It made me want to learn more about the diversity of this industry and it has motivated me to work harder for what I want in life. I am currently employed as a Guest House Manager at the 4-star Lavenders at Constantia Guest House.

My most valuable learning experience at CHS was not just about the academics, but the life-lessons on respect, social skills, empathy and realising your own worth and potential. I learned that doing your best is far more important than just your academic capabilities. I am where I am today because of the lecturers that stood by me, believed in me and prepared me for the journey that I am currently undertaking. It was two years of hard work but it was all worth it. I was fortunate enough to do my practicals on the Blue Train which led to my current position as a Butler on the Blue Train, under Transnet, a fine dining and 24hr butler service. Meeting different kinds of people and learning languages from different cultures and countries is an ever-growing highlight of my career. Hospitality has taught me about prioritizing, problem solving, communication and humanity and how to keep smiling, despite the challenges one may face.

My journey as a chef began at CHS. Through hard work, long hours and early mornings, I was taught to be the person I am today. My confidence grew tremendously during practicals. CHS offered great practical experience within the work place, and their skilled Chef Lecturers really prepared me for the real world. I also had the privilege of making lifelong friends whilst at CHS. I graduated in January 2017 with Cum Laude, and began working as Head Chef at a 5-Star restaurant in Pretoria for 2 years. Thereafter, I travelled through Europe and Thailand for 2 months. I am currently working as the Sous Chef at a Game Lodge in Welgevonden Game Reserve in Limpopo.

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