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Guvon Academy is a proud member of the Guvon Hotels and Spas Group, and is committed to ensuring that we produce graduates who have the skills and knowledge to be successful in the world of work. Accredited as a Skills Development Provider (SDP), our programmes cover the knowledge, practical and work- based learning required by industry.

Our international accreditation means our programmes are endorsed by industry leaders and globally recognised in the areas of hopsitality, chef and tourism.

Our students are placed in the Guvon Hotels & Spas Group as well as other exceptional hotel properties for work experience.

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Client Testimonials

Good day I am Nastassja Breet, I am in my third and final year of Hospitality and Catering Services. Studying at Guvon Academy has really changed my life, I came out of school feeling unsure of what I really wanted to do with my future, only having the small idea of wanting to go into the hospitality industry, but Guvon Academy has opened my eyes and now I have a set and clear path of where I’m going in my future. One thing I love about Guvon Academy is the fact that as students we don’t only sit in class and work on theory, you get the chance to work and gain experience in high end hotels, so that by the time you graduate you don’t only have theory behind your name, you will also have the physical experience (which is a major factor that jobs look for today). I have had the opportunity to work in Guvon Hotels and Lodges during my practicals. I am happy to say that I have honestly enjoyed my time and studies at Guvon Academy, and I would not change where I got to study if I had to choose again.

“When I first stepped into Guvon Academy a Hospitality Education campus, I knew deep within, that with the kind of infrastructure and facilities the institute offered, I would excel. My passion is food in terms of food preparation, plate presentation and food innovations as well as the management side of Hospitality. The classroom teaching coupled with practical sessions provided me the foundation in nurturing my talent. The overall experience gained during professional training in a starred hotel at Guvon Hotels and Spas and participation in various curricular and co-curricular activities enhanced my performance both personally and professionally. The teaching/ learning experience has been great over the three years and all the credit goes to Guvon Academy, dedicated management lecturers, Chefs, amazing faculty, great and committed administration workforce and my fellow students.”

“Studying at Guvon Academy for three years has been nothing but a great academic and growth journey. Lecturers take it upon themselves to ensure that students do well in their studies, which is something lecturers at other institutions do not do. Guvon Academy has given us an opportunity to make our names in the hospitality industry by placing us at Guvon Hotels and Lodges. Thank you faculty of Guvon Academy for your continued support and efforts in making sure we succeed as future Hospitality Managers”.

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